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  Brief Church History  

Through the interest of Walnut Street Baptist Church, a mission was started in October of 1906 called the City Limits Baptist Mission.  Its first meetings were held in a house at 1701 Bardstown Road.  Soon outgrowing their quarters, this hardy group moved to a tent for the summer.  The cold weather drove them into a coal shed where they worshiped until February 1908.  At this time they purchased a lot at 1952 Duker Avenue and built a small chapel.  After remodeling the chapel several times, it became apparent that they must have a larger sanctuary.  On May 28, 1915, ground was broken for the new building at Maryland Avenue and Bardstown Road.  Continued growth necessitated the construction of a new educational wing in 1932 and again in 1952.  The entire church plant was renovated in 1962 as the congregation continued to grow.  In the late 1980s, it became clear that the 1932 structure was inadequate to meet the needs of the increasing congregation.  The building was demolished and a new education and office wing was erected and dedicated in 1991.  In 1997 the sanctuary once again underwent a massive refurbishing project to enhance the worship atmosphere.

            Deer Park’s tradition has been marked with significant involvement in ministry, promoting the spread of the Gospel through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Southern Baptist.  We are also involved with the Long Run Baptist Association, and the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. 

In 1963 Deer Park joined with five other community churches in what would later become known as the Highlands Community Ministries.  Currently working with twenty-five other churches in this area, Deer Park is better able to ensure that all people are reached with the Gospel.

In our second century of ministry, we pray for a new sense of God’s direction.  Through this we are, in reality, continuing the rich tradition begun by Deer Park Baptists in 1906.  We work together in faith to provide a promising future for generations to come.

Deer Park Baptist Church   Louisville Kentucky

 Deer Park Baptist Church

Centennial Hymn 2006